A Journey to Change Your View of Life

Take a trip to Viet Hai Village on Cat Ba Island in Lan Ha Bay, in the same area as Ha Long Bay, one of the seven world heritage sites. It is easy to discover that these areas have many gifts for you –  to refresh yourself, enjoy every single minute with your love. The beauty of nature and the hospitality of the people will uplift your spirits.

The evolution of humankind started from the ancient seas and to some extent, the sea is our Very great-great Grandparent. We are children of the sea, we need to rest, the sea is a very wonderful place to restore our strength whenever we retu.

Is this why forever, we all have a deep feeling for the sea?

A short walk from the sea leads to Viet Hai Village, a new APT Travel community tour development. The comfortable bungalows are located under one of the steep mountainsides of the island’s National Park Reserve. By the end of April, everything will be ready for visitors to experience the serenity of the setting. From the village you can walk to the sea for swimming and fishing, or to the mountain forests and caves.

It is very easy to go to Viet Hai if you let APT Travel make the arrangements. After two hours by bus to Hai Phong, one of the notable cities of Vietnam, 30 minutes more takes you to the Cat Ba ferry landing. It takes 45 minutes to cross to the island, a crossing that will bring you the real pleasure of enjoying a new environment with cool wind and fresh air. Cat Ba town has a lot of good seafood restaurants and a variety of hotels. From here, it is just a hop, step and jump to Viet Hai Village where the comfortable bungalows “The Whisper of Nature”, and friendly village people are waiting to welcome you. This is an untouched destination that will surprise you and bring you real gifts from nature.

From the ferry landing, you can ride a bicycle to the village within ten minutes or so. “The Whisper of Nature ”. A short name and now, some short descriptions of the Viet Hai community setting. It is only a minute’s wait to check in one of the comfortable bungalows. They look simple from the outside, but have mode design inside for comfort and convenience. They were built using the model of the village houses and give you the same “close to nature” feeling.

There are seven single private bungalows, a large bungalow for groups of people to share and a triangular bungalow where a bar is located with food, drink and wine. Next to the bar is an open space with some tables for you to relax, drink amongst the trees and stones of the untouched natural setting, beside a very clean stream. A movable stage can be provided for music and song. All the red tile paths connecting the bungalows stand out from the green grass around about. You can actually do some gardening if you wish, and “work for someone else’s harvest”: today you plant vegetables for tourist to come and of course, pick and eat with enjoyment what others have planted before, cooked and served to your liking by our staff. At night time, the sound of frogs will play nice rhythms to bring you a peaceful sleep. At any time the table on the terrace in front of your bungalow is there to have a drink or read comfortably. When moing comes, it will be a time of singing insects and birds welcoming you to a new, enjoyable day.

The history of this community started about seventy years ago. It used to be a place for Vietnamese soldiers to hide themselves and recover from their injures at the time of war. Slowly, people got to like the wild area and built a small fishing village. With the water from mountain streams, they have now planted rice to make small fields in a small cultivated landscape close to the sea. Nowadays, there are about 300 people in the community, warmly welcoming you to share with them in their homeland.

Of course, the Ha Long – Cat Ba – Viet Hai area has many, many choices to offer you for an individual, personalized tour experience. Please contact APT Travel and let us organize a tour most suitable for your tastes.

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